Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Synagogue bomber sentenced to five years in jail

Egypt's supreme state security court has convicted and sentenced a man to five years in prison for throwing a makeshift bomb at Cairo's main synagogue, Ynet news reports:

Authorities said Hussein was repeatedly jailed for drug dealing and was implicated in attacks organized in the 1980s by Islamic militant groups targeting video stores.

Police outside Cairo Synagogue (Photo: AP)

Gamal Hussein shouted at the judge "Your verdict is a failure! You all are infidels!"

Hussein, 50, entered a downtown hotel in February last year and tossed the suitcase containing explosives out of the window at the synagogue across the street before fleeing.

The suitcase briefly caught fire but fell across the street from the historic synagogue, known as Shaare Shamayim, or the Gate of Heaven. No one was injured.

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  1. Shaar Hashamaim (Gate to Heaven ) is My synagogue. that's where my parents where married and where i would have been married too if left with a chance.
    And today another Terrorist attack in Jerusalem.
    Will the Muslims aplaud?
    Why is it so difficult to live in peace in one piece???
    Sultana Latifa a Jewish refugee from Egypt.