Thursday, August 04, 2005

Saddam's Jewish victims are urged to speak up

The Iraqi Memory Foundation has launched a new project designed to gather oral testimonies from all those who suffered during the Saddam Hussein era , including the Jews. (With thanks: Maurice S).

Last February the foundation presented several lectures at the Library of Congress. Carol Basri, a lawyer and film-maker of Iraqi parentage, was one of the speakers. A testimony by Shaul Hakham Sasson (the son of the former chief rabbi and head of the community in Iraq) was screened from a video interview with him about his torture and suffering at the prison known as ' Saddam's Palace', Kasr Al-Nihaya, in 1969.

The oral history project seems to conduct taped interviews, but members of the Jewish community are being urged to submit their testimony in writing - or through pictures, DVDs, tapes and the like. It is thought this would promote international recognition of their suffering and aid efforts to obtain restitution.

(It seems to me that the Jewish community should also be archiving these precious testimonies. Perhaps anyone sending information to the Iraqi website should be also sending copies to Justice for Jews from Arab Countries or the Israel Ministry of Justice.)

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