Tuesday, August 16, 2005

First Cairo, now Gaza

With Israel in the painful throes of the Gaza pull-out, this letter appeared in the Jerusalem Post of 15 August:

"Sir, - The beginning of disengagement is painful for most people. But it is especially so for those previously expelled from other lands.

In 1957 my wife's family was given less than a week to "dispose" of their home in Cairo and leave Egypt forever. Each person was allowed only two suitcases, and less than $1,000 in local currency for the entire family. My wife was seven when this happened, also in August. But she still remembers Egyptian children running into her room and taking all her toys, dolls and other items while her father stood helplessly by.

Though residents of the settlements can take virtually all their possessions with them - including the doors and window frames of their homes, all carefully packed - having to leave homes many have lived in for periods of up to 30 years is no less traumatic than my wife's experience in Egypt nearly half a century ago.

It can only be hoped that our government ministers understand what they are going through - and noting the rhetoric from the PA's Mahmoud Abbas and Ahmed Qurei that Jerusalem (and Tel Aviv?) is next on their agenda. (" 'Tomorrow Jerusalem,' claims exultant Abbas," August 14).


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