Saturday, April 10, 2021

Dubai Rabbi chants Shoah prayer in Arabic

With thanks Eli T, Niran)


A first in Dubai: Rabbi Elie Abadie, head of the Association of Gulf Jewish communities, recites a prayer for the victins of the Holocaust.

 The commemoration took place at the Museum of the Crossroads of Civilisations, Dubai. It demonstrates the newfound freedom with which Jews in the UAE flaunt their identity.

 Rabbi Abadie recited the prayer in Arabic. The Rabbi, who is also a physician, was born in Beirut and was forced to leave as a refugee. He has served  Sephardi congregations in Manhattan and was chairman of Justice for Jews from Arab Countries (JJAC) which advocates for the rights of MENA Jewish refugees.


michelle k. gross said...

Rabbi Elie Abadie MD
حخام دكتور ايلي عبادي
This reads in Arabic as
Hakhaam doktuur Eliy Abaadiy

michelle k. gross said...

This video link--unlike Facebook's requires no login.

Anonymous said...

“Today, we join the international community and remember the six million Jews and millions of others murdered by the Nazis. We also pay tribute to all those who survived the horrors of the Holocaust. The hatred that contributed to the genocide remains present today." (2/3)

Came from a tweet back in Jan 27, 2021
with a statement from
UAE Ambassador to the US

this included a tag line
Today, on International #HolocaustRemembranceDay, Ambassador Al Otaiba spoke to
Sara Bloomfield, Director @HolocaustMuseum and
@Robsatloff from @WashInstitute