Wednesday, November 11, 2020

Campus campaign launched for Mizrahi Jews

CAMERA, the media watchdog, has launched a campaign to highlight the refugee experience of Mizrahi Jews through videos and written stories. We applaud this inititative, as it takes the issue of Jewish refugees to the heart of the Jewish student population. 

 One of our goals at CAMERA on Campus is to educate university students on complex and pertinent issues that are either not normally addressed or may have been discussed with inaccurate information,” said CAMERA on Campus international director Aviva Rosenschein.

 The campaign will focus on the voices of& Mizrahi>Jews as they share their own and their families’ experiences in online videos and written stories that will be spread widely on social media,” said Hali Spiegal, one of the CAMERA on Campus directors.

The campaign features videos and graphics. Students who interact with the campaign online can win prize money. 

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