Monday, June 22, 2020

So you think you know the Israelis?

Researcher David Collier busts the myth that Israelis are all from Europe.  Tens, or even hundreds, of thousands of Israelis have their roots in Arab or Muslim countries. Over a million Israelis are Arab. Here are a couple of examples from his collection of Israeli faces on Facebook:

Menashe Amir 

Menashe Amir was born in Tehran, Iran in 1940 in the ancient Jewish quarter. He left Iran for Israel in 1959. Amir broadcasts in Persian on Israel Radio International. Amir is one of over 130,000 Israelis of Iranian descent.

 Ninet Tayeb 

 Ninet Tayeb’s father was from Tunisia. Her mother Moroccan/ Algerian. Her parents arrived in Israel separately, both fleeing persecution. Nina is a successful musician, singer-songwriter, composer, DJ, model and actress. There are 10,000s of Israelis who can claim Tunisian descent.

See Facebook post


idit said...

I,sorry, but why are you legitimising that nonsense that Jews came from Europe? all of the Jews originated in the Land of Israel, the "European" Jews came to Europe from the Middle east. Why play to the hand of the Haters?

bataween said...

It is not to say that Jews are less legitimate because they came from Europe and plenty of posts on this blog make that point.
What Collier is trying to do is show the diversity of the Israeli population.