Wednesday, June 03, 2020

Iran outlaws communication between split families

Jews in Iran will no longer be able to communicate with their family outside the country now that a law has been passed outlawing 'phone calls to Israel, WhatsApp and Telegram. The ban will only aggravate the separation anxiety, or Parsitis, experienced by Iranian Jews, claims Meir Javedanfar writing in Al-Monitor: 

Iran’s parliament has passed a law criminalizing any prearranged contact with Israelis. The punishment, depending on the background of the defendant and the prerogative of the judge, could include anywhere from six months to two years in prison, 31 to 74 lashes or 20-80 million tomans (about $1,200-$4,800) in fines.

 There are also other less severe forms of punishment at the judge's disposal that include depriving the guilty party of benefits such as housing, state pensions and state education for a period of six months to five years. With the passing of this law, tens of thousands of Iranian-Israelis have lost their last remaining connections to Iran, the land of their birth and the land of their ancestors for the last 2,500 years.

This latest move by the Islamic Republic will be personally traumatic for many Iranian-Israelis, as they will be cut off from their immediate families in Iran. The Islamic revolution of 1979, followed by the eight-year war between Iraq and Iran, tore apart many Iranian families of all religious convictions due to immigration. With 5-6 million Iranians living in the diaspora, there are millions of cases of family members split apart.

Many parents are separated from their children, some staying in Iran and the other in another part of the world. This large group includes Iran’s Jews.

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by Davsil said...

This sort of reminds me about how Joseph Stalin did the same thing after World War II. it tore my family apart. Of course, there are some differences but there are also some similarities too.

Anonymous said...

Jews Go Up ,,to not stay in Iran...if you want to live......