Friday, May 08, 2020

Iraqis send blessings to Iraqi Jews in Israel and worldwide

In this video Iraqi non-Jews send affectionate greetings to Iraqi Jews in Israel and around the world. They wish them good health and tell them to stay at home during this time of corona virus. Some say a few words in Hebrew. One wishes for Iraqi Jews to come back and once more enjoy 'Masgouf' fish with their Muslim friends on the banks of the Tigris.

Linda Menuhin, an Iraq-born Israeli who is active in outreach to Arabs, believes that bridges can be built between younger Muslims and the young descendants of Iraqi Jews in Israel who do not know Arabic.

Though the sentiments are heartening, it must be said that most of  Iraqis in the video are based outside Iraq.

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longfuse said...

I admire those who seek reconciliation between Arab and Jew but it would only take one rabble-rousing Jihadist Iman to trigger another pogrom. As long as Islam demonises the Jew and Arabs are taught to follow the Quran to the letter Jews cannot drop their guard.