Tuesday, April 14, 2020

Self-imposed curfew as 'dozens' of Iranian Jews allegedly die

Update: reliable sources with good contacts in Iran have since denied that 'dozens' of Jews have died. They say that the total of deaths from coronavirus is four. Many have been hospitalised but have not died.

Iran's 9,000-member Jewish community is suffering food shortages, illness and the 'death of dozens' of its members, Ynet News reports.

 "They were buried at the Jewish cemetery without religious rituals," a member of the community said, "They were covered with burnt lime."

Synagogues remain closed

 Iran is not under any curfew, but the Jewish community has imposed one on its members. The chief Rabbi decided as early as the Purim festival, that all Iranian Jews must avoid danger and stay away from synagogues. All 60 of them around the country remain closed since.

The Book of Esther was read online, and 4,000 people joined the feed. Members of the community say they are not experiencing any anti-Semitism and the authorities are respectful of their faith.

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At least two Jews have died of coronavirus

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