Wednesday, April 01, 2020

Popular musician Botbol is fourth Moroccan Jew to die of coronavirus

The death has been announced today from coronavirus (1 April 2020) of Marcello Botbol (Abitbol), a popular and well-loved gharnati singer and violin-player living in Tangier.

Marcello Botbol z"l. To hear a sample of his music click here

The Moroccan media had published news of his death on 25 March, but friends denounced it as 'fake news'. The musician was then still alive in intensive care in a hospital in Paris.

Marcello Botbol was the brother of the famous singer Haim Botbol. He appeared in several films, notably The Midnight Orchestra by Jerome Olivier Cohen.

Born in Fez, Marcello was born into a musical family. His father was the famous Jacob Botbol.

Marcello Botbol,75, is the fourth Moroccan Jew to have died of coronavirus. The others were the philanthropist and businessman Ari Peretz, 58, his mother Simone Peretz, 75 and Meir Michel Tordjman, 62. As of 31 March, Morocco recorded 37 coronavirus deaths and 638 cases.

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