Monday, March 30, 2020

Pillar of Casablanca community dies of coronavirus

With thanks: Vanessa

Coronavirus  has claimed the life of a pillar of Jewish life  in Casablanca - Meir Michel Tordjman. An entry by a wellwisher on his Facebook page on 25 March records that he had been ill.

Born and bred in Casablanca, Tordjman, 62,  was open-minded enough to make available the Benarroch synagogue, built in1912 and famous for its acoustics, for concerts. One such concert  in 2013 was  the first public concert in a working synagogue in Casablanca,  and was arranged as as a goodbye gift to US Ambassador Sam Kaplan and his wife Sylvia.

The Tordjman family are responsible for maintaining the Benarroch synagogue, which is in the centre of town and popular for Barmitzvahs and other communal occasions. Casablanca has about 2,000 Jews.

Casablanca has the highest number of cases of the virus in Morocco, with 133 cases on 29 March. There have been 24 deaths in the country.

Meir Michel Tordjman z"l

Some other Jews lost to coronavirus

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