Friday, January 10, 2020

Project to restore overgrown Alexandria cemeteries is launched

Now that  the Eliyahu Hanavi (Nebi Daniel) synagogue is having its official opening following months of renovation and restoration, a  project to renovate Alexandria's Jewish cemeteries has been launched.

The ark of the Nebi Daniel synagogue after restoration

Alexandria’s Jewish cemeteries are overgrown with weeds, leaves and small tree-trunks.  The Nebi Daniel Association, based in Paris and London,   has decided to undertake a thorough cleaning of the three cemeteries and is appealing for funds.

Since its formation, the Association has been able get the local authorities to  repair  the perimeter walls of the three cemeteries. It  has financed, from its own personal funds, the resurfacing of the paths at the cemetery at Chatby.

The current estimate for cleaning the  cemeteries amounts to USD 30,000 or EUR 27,000 . The Association says the project cannot be fully funded by it alone, although its council members have pledged more than half that sum.

Fifteen gardeners must be recruited  for each cemetery to supplement the six permanent gardeners of the community for a period of 35 days. Waste needs to be disposed of and equipment has to be purchased.

Nebi Daniel Association will work together with the community under the supervision of architect Alec Haggar. The Association will organise for a rabbi to recite kaddish at the graves of relatives of donors.

To contact the Nebi Daniel Association email

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