Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Iranian Jews protest antisemitic singer

Controversy has been rocking Los Angeles, when Jews threatened to boycott a visiting Iranian singer, Mohsen Yeganeh. But the official Iranian news agency Fars has been drooling that concert halls have been packed to capacity for Yeganeh's performances. 

Karmel Melamed reports for Jewish Journal:

When news spread light wildfire in Southern California’s Iranian Jewish community late last week that Mohsen Yeganeh, an anti-Semitic Iranian Muslim singer from Iran was going to perform a concert at downtown L.A.’s Microsoft Theater, the community’s activists quickly mobilized using e-mails and social media to calls for a boycott the concert. Hundreds of community members unaware of Yeganeh’s anti-Israel and anti-Semitic song “Flock of Vultures”, cancelled their plans to attend the concert or demanded refunds from the theater.

The Farsi language song’s lyrics call Jews vultures, blamed Israeli soldiers  for killing Palestinian children and demand violence against Jews. (More information about this controversy can be read here).

Yet the Iranian Jewish community in Los Angeles which is very firmly pro-Israel and vocal against Iranian Muslim anti-Semitism, did not stop with a mere call to boycott Yeganeh. No… 150 vocal and very proud Iranian Jewish activists peacefully protested, held signs and marched against Yeganeh on December 16th outside the theater.  Here is some short footage of their protest outside the theater…

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Anonymous said...

+ Arash KG

■ Translation of Anti-Semitic Song of “Mohsen Yegāneh” to English:
○ Galle-ye Karkas-hā (Flock of Vultures) by Mohsen Yegāneh

♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ ♫♪♫
گـلــۀ کــرکــسـ ــا بــازم رسـیــدن
→ The[/A] flock of vultures {i.e.: Jews/Israelis} has arrived once again
انـگــار جـنــازه هــای تــازه دیــدن
→ [It] seems they’ve found new corpses[/dead bodies]
بــه اســم امـنـیــت، یــه جــای نــزدیــک
→ In the name of security, [in] a near place ...
{i.e.: Under the guise of finding a new safe home}
بــاز نـفــس یــه مـلـتــو بــریــدن
→ ... they “CUT THE BREATH” of[/suffocated] a nation once more ※1
صـلــح اونــا در حــد یــه نـمــاده
→ Their peace is [nothing more than] a symbol[/feint]
یـعـنــی: یــه مـیـلـیــون لـشـگــر پـیــاده
→ [Their peace] means: one million foot soldiers
هــر جــا بـبـیـنــن یــه کــم اخـتــلافــه
→ Anywhere they see[/find] a[/any] “LITTLE DISCORD”[/conflict], ... ※2
اسـلـحــۀ غـیــرتـشــون غــلافــه
→ ... their zealous weapon is in holster[/ready to use]

▬▬▬< 1 >▬▬▬
دو تــا مـثـلــث، روی هــم مـی کــارن
→ They place two triangles, on top of one another
{i.e.: Jewish symbol, six-pointed Star of David}
اســم یــه شـهــر تــازه روش مـی ذارن
→ [then,] they put a new name on the city
{i.e.: “Bayt al-Maqdis” or “Al-Quds” renamed?!!! to: “Jerusalem”}
دو تــا مـثـلــث، یـعـنــی: تــرس و زنــدون
→ “Two triangles”, means: dread and jail ※3
دشـمــن بـچــه هــا، لـبــای خـنــدون
→ [Two triangles, means:]
the “ENEMY OF KIDs” ※4, [and] “LAUGHING LIPs” ※5
مـی گــن: کـمـیــن کــرده، تــو ایــن حــوالــی
→ They say that[/It is said that]: it[/Israel] has ambushed, around here[/nearby]
قـشــون کـشــی کــرده بــا خــوش خـیــالــی
→ It[/Israel] has campaigned [for a fight] in a[/its] daydream
خـیـمــه زدن یــه شــب رو دشــت زیـتــون
→ One night, they raided the olive field[/garden]
غـنـچــه هــا رو کـنــدنــد بــا چـنــگ و دنــدون [Rpt=2]
→ They cut the buds[/blooms] [there] with the[/their] claws and teeth
▬▬▬ ▬▬▬ ▬▬▬

♫♪♫ ♫♪♫ ♫♪♫

آی آدمــا! پــاشـیــن، کــه خـیـلــی دیــره
→ Hey People! rise up[/get ready] that it’s too late ※6
مــزرعــۀ زیـتــون داره مـی مـیــره
→ The olive farm[/garden] {i.e.: peace ※7} is dying
دعــا کـنـیــم، مــرد غــروب جـمـعــه
→ Let’s pray [together], [that] Friday afternoon man, ...
خــاکـتــونــو دوبــاره پــس بـگـیــره [Rpt=2]
→ ... takes back your soil[/land] again [for you] ※8

[ Rpt of: ▬▬▬< 1 >▬▬▬ ]

Anonymous said...

Note: The translation above published by “Mr. bataween” not “Arash KG”