Friday, September 29, 2017

'El Nora Alila' is sung as Yom Kippur ends

Yom Kippur the most solemn of Jewish festivals, begins tonight. Here's a spirited rendition by the Mediterranean Andalusian Orchestra of the piyut which closes the Yom Kippur service, El Nora Alila. 
Wishing all those who are fasting Gmar Hatima Tova.

From Wikipedia:  

Refrain: El nora alila, El nora alila,
Ha-m'tzi lanu m'chilah, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.
M'tei mis'par k'ru'im, l'cha ayin nos'im,
u-m'sal'dim b'chila, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.
Shof'chim l'cha naf'sham, m'cheh pish'am ve-chach'sham,
ve-ham'tzi'em m'chila, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.
Heyeh lahem l'sit'ra, ve-hatzilem mi-m'era,
ve-chot'mem l'hod u-l'gila, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.
Chon otam ve-rachem, ve-chol lochetz ve-lochem,
Oseh ba-hem p'lila, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.
Z'chor tzid'kat avihem, ve-chadesh et y'meihem,
k'kedem u-t'chila, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.
K'ra na sh'nat ratzon, ve-hashev sh'ar ha-tzon,
l'oholiva v'ohola, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.
Tiz'ku l'shanim rabot, ha-banim ve-ha-avot,
b'ditza u-v'tzohola, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.
Micha'el sar yis'rael, eliyahu ve-gav'ri'el,
Bas'ru na ha-g'ulah, bi-sh'at ha-ne'ilah.

Refrain: God of awe, God of might, God of awe, God of might,
Grant us pardon in this hour, As Thy gates are closed this night.
We who few have been from yore, Raise our eyes to heaven's height,
Trembling, fearful in our prayer, As Thy gates are closed this night.
Pouring out our soul we pray That the sentence Thou will write
Shall be one of pardoned sin, As Thy gates are closed this night.
God, our refuge strong and sure, Rescue us from dreadful plight;
Seal our destiny for joy, As Thy gates are closed this night.
Grant us favor, show us grace; But of all who wrest the right
And oppress, be Thou the judge, As Thy gates are closed this night.
Generations of our sires Strong in faith walked in Thy light.
As of old, renew our days, As Thy gates are closed this night.
Gather Judah's scattered flock Unto Zion's rebuilt site.
Bless this year with grace divine, As Thy are closed this night.
May we all, both old and young, Look for gladness and delight
In the many years to come, As Thy gates are closed this night.
Michael, Prince of Israel, Gabriel, Thy angels bright,
With Elijah, come, redeem, As Thy gates are closed this night.

Traditional Moroccan 'Kol Nidre', the prayer which begins Yom Kippur (with thanks: Sylvia)

Leila Mourad sings 'El Nora Alila'


Sylvia said...

For all the persecuted, past, present and future, whose vows were extorted from them, and were forced to convert to another faith or coerced by any other means, know that what counts is what'in your heart, not the vows you uttered.

Here is the Kol Nidre in the melody the immigrant generation of Moroccan Jews is most familiar with.

Gives you goose bumps.

bataween said...

Very moving, thanks. Have inserted link in the post