Wednesday, August 02, 2017

How Jews in Iran observed 9th of Av

 With thanks: JIMENA

Jews in Shiraz yesterday observing the fast of Tisha b'Ab, which marks the anniversary of the destruction of the two Jewish Temples in Jerusalem.

It is customary to sit on the floor as a sign of mourning, while the cantor reads from the book of Lamentations.

This video was taken by Hagai Horev and uploaded to his Facebook page.

There are estimated to be fewer than 10,000 Jews remaining in Iran, but it is generally thought that they have become more observant since the founding of the Islamic republic in 1979.


Anonymous said...

the facebook page description does not say Shiraz.

תשעה באב בטהרן

bataween said...

It says so on JIMENA's Facebook post of 2 August.

bataween said...

Commenters on the story say it's the Rabizadeh synagogue in Shiraz.