Wednesday, May 24, 2017

What's wrong with Jews being a minority? Everything

 It was during a debate on the morality of BDS at UCLA pitting professors Saree Makdisi against Judea Pearl(whose son Daniel was murdered in Pakistan),  that  professor Makdisi revealed the hidden BDS agenda when he let slip these words: 'What's wrong with Jews being a minority in Israel?' Rebuttal from Moroccan-born David Suissa in the Jewish Journal. (With thanks: Sarah)

Judea Pearl

Professor Makdisi (right) based many of his arguments on universal values such as fairness, equality, justice, and so on. Focusing on those values helped him finesse the Achilles Heel of the BDS movement– the fact that they don’t recognize the legitimacy of the Jewish state. Promoting the “right of return” of Palestinian refugees to Israel, for example, means the effective end of the Jewish state, what a panelist on the Pearl side called “national suicide.”

Makdisi took that word — suicide — and ran with it, almost ridiculing it as an example of needless hysterics from the Zionist side. You could see where he was going. What kind of just society would treat the arrival of Palestinians as a national suicide? Sure, there may be a great number of Palestinians who want to return to Israel, but what’s wrong with Arabs and Jews living side by side, in full equality, in the same state and under the same government? 
Then, he got carried away and blurted out these words:

“What’s wrong with Jews being a minority?”
There was a gasp among some pro-Israel members of the audience. Pearl himself made a grimace, and commented that minorities are not treated very well in the Middle East. 

I have a feeling Makdisi regretted his words as soon as he said them.

Why? Because he’s no fool. He’s a knowledgeable professor, and he surely knows what’s wrong with Jews being a minority in a country of the Middle East.
He knows that, for centuries, Jews in Arab and Muslim countries were treated as second-class citizens, or Dhimmis. He knows that many of those Jews were persecuted and expelled after the birth of Israel in 1948.

He knows that there are 50 Muslim countries in the world, but only one Jewish state.


Anonymous said...

Good. Same thing with whites being a minority in the U.S. or other Western countries. Everything is wrong with it! I will support continued Jewish domination in the Middle East as soon as Jews support the fact that Western countries are for whites.

Anonymous said...

Dr. Makdisi's last name echoes the name of the Holy Place in Jerusalem.
(mekdas in the Ethiopian coptic church; similarly in Arabic).


Anonymous said...

This 2008 article captures Dr Pearl's feelings at that time on the 2001 murder of his son for being a Jew.

by Davsil said...

Why would prof. Pearl even bother debating something like this? A debate like this i think is very humiliating. That's like a woman debating a man whether that man has the right to rape her.

Rodin said...

What's wrong with Palestinians living as a minority in Israel? What's wrong with Palestinians living in a state next to Israel with a Jewish minority which has the same rights as the Arab minority in Israel? What's wrong with resettling people who share the same language and foods and faith with those like themselves? What's wrong with resettling some Palestinians in a Palestine state next to Israel? What's wrong about tolerating the continuing ghettoization of Palestinians in Arab countries. There's a lot of "what's wrong withs."

bataween said...

This is not what the speaker intended, Rodin. He wants Jews to be a minority in a state replacing Israel.Thus the only Jewish state in the world becomes an Arab-majority state. So far, Israel has been relatively successful at integrating its Arab minority, but the converse has never been ture of Arab states with Jewish minorities.

Yang Kuo said...

Why would prof. Pearl even bother debating something like this?
thanks for sharing...
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