Thursday, April 27, 2017

Police blocked neighbours in Halimi case

 Disturbing evidence in the case of the defenestration of Lucie Sarah Halimi has emerged that her neighbours tried to intervene to help her, but were stopped by three policemen. The Tablet  has the tragic story (with thanks: Paul) :

Lucie Sarah Halimi, 66, was murdered on the night of April 3, thrown out of her window after having been beaten in her own apartment on the Rue de Vaucouleurs in the hip Parisian neighborhood of Belleville. While attacked, she had the time to cry for help, and to throw plates and dishes—either at her attacker in an attempt to defend herself, or on the floor to make noise and alert people nearby.

March in sympathy with the murder victim, Sarah Halimi, killed when thrown out of the window of her apartment in Paris.
Halimi was a religious woman who, albeit Sephardic, worked for the Orthodox synagogue of the Rue Pavée in the ancient Pletzel—the traditional Ashkenazi neighborhood of Paris. Her attacker was a 27-year-old African Muslim whose name has not been disclosed, and who lived with his mother, his stepfather, and his brother down the street from Halimi’s apartment. A drug addict and a drug dealer, he had an argument at home with his own family earlier, and in an emotional state, had first knocked at several doors before entering No. 30 and asking one of the residents there to shelter him for the night. When the man refused, he threatened him. He then reached the balcony’s apartment and, from there, climbed up to Halimi’s apartment, which was upstairs. Several people, including his own family, called the police.

As Sarah Halimi was being beaten by her attacker, she began to shout for help and her neighbors gathered to intervene. They were stopped short by three policemen, who were either arriving on the scene or already present, and who refused to act until backup arrived. Powerless, like the neighbors, the policemen remained in the street and watched Sarah Halimi’s body fall to the pavement. The subsequent autopsy report assessed that she was still alive and probably conscious when she was propelled out the window of her apartment, and that she died from the impact of the fall rather than from the blows she’d received. At some point during the course of the incident, her killer was distinctly heard shouting “Allahu akbar, a phrase he repeated several times. The police investigation is still unfolding, and Halimi’s killer has been placed under psychiatric care.

These are facts.
From then on, things got blurry.

The following day, three things happened:
• While Jewish institutions were granted an audience by the state prosecutor (the French D.A.) and promised “all the truth” in the case, the Jewish press denounced an anti-Semitic crime perpetrated by an Islamist terrorist.
Representative Meyer Habib wrote on his Facebook page: “Is [the alleged killer] a jihadist? Moved by the anti-Semitism that plagues a part of the Arab-Muslim population? I’m afraid so.” On Twitter accounts and Facebook pages, rumors spread that Sarah Halimi had been stabbed, that her murderer was an avowed terrorist, that he had justified his deed by the Quran and that he was chased by the RAID team (the elite police corps) when the crime had occurred. From Israel where he lives, Sarah Halimi’s son Jonathan denounced the anti-Semitic insults that Sarah Halimi’s children had been subjected to for years by the killer, one of the killer’s sisters and by his parents.

• Meanwhile, the national press, TVs or radios remained totally silent on the case. It took a Jewish journalist by the name of Claude Askolovitch writing an op-ed for Slate’s French site to reflect and explain the mind-set of the French media: The killer was obviously deranged. He was now under psychiatric care rather than in jail. He had first tried to force his way into several apartments whose inhabitants were not Jewish.

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Heather said...

No mention of the attack at the Hyper Cache supermarket.

The last paragraph is rather O-Henry-esque, and seems to imply/explain many things.

Anonymous said...

The paragraph presents a new way for criminals to complete a crime: Yell in Arabic, and police won't react in case this is a terrorist act

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

"the hip Parisian neighborhood of Belleville"
from what I know, I would hardly describe Belleville as "hip." Yes, I have been through there, in a car to be sure. Many Jews did live there in the 1960s and 1970s.

Also, I have read reports that the murderer lived in the same building as Dr Halimi and that his family was also hostile to her and her family. I have read that his sister shoved and cursed Elisheva, Dr Halimi's daughter, on the stairs ["Sarah Halimi’s son Jonathan denounced the anti-Semitic insults that Sarah Halimi’s children had been subjected to for years by the killer, one of the killer’s sisters and by his parents."]. Furthermore, no mention that mourners who marched to her apartment in protest were subject to taunts and other verbal abuse, including threats, from a group of young neighborhood hoodlums.

I think that this article is hardly the last word on the subject.