Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Halimi murder: Jews are never victims

With thanks: Eliyahu

 An article on the barely-publicised defenestration of a Jewish woman in Paris by a Muslim charges that since the al-Durah affair, French opinion has denied to Jews the status of being victims.

The writer, Pierre Lurcat, says that the "intellectual elite" is prevented by prejudice from seeing Jews as victims, just as the Jews expelled from Arab lands cannot be perceived as victims.

The cemetery of Givat Shaul in Jerusalem, where Dr Halimi was buried on 16 April (Photo: Judith Raphael)

  Lucie Sarah Halimi, an Orthodox Jewish doctor aged 67, was hurled out of a window to her death by a Muslim neighbour, aged 27. Apparently, he had insulted and abused Lucie and her daughter Elisheva for years. The perpetrator has apparently got mental issues.

The Causeur article observes that Muslim antisemitism is 'the new taboo of French political life'. It draws parallels between the Halimi case and the trial of the historian Georges Bensoussan for 'incitement to racial hatred'. Bensoussan had merely pointed out that Arab and Muslim antisemitism was endemic.

Lurcat says that Halimi was killed twice: once by her neighbour and a second time by a media cover-up.

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by Davsil said...

If these anti-Jewish attacks are to stop, France must withdraw from the Occupied Territories (Septimania a.k.a. Southern France), hand them back to the indigenous people (the Arabs such as the savages who carried out the attack on Dr. Halimi) and make East Paris as the capital of Septimania. And encourage, by force if necessary, the removal of the "French" colonists from the Occupied Territories and move them to France proper.

Paul Leslie said...

Very noteworthy also are the excessive restrained statements made by the representatives of CRIF and the European Jewish Congress. It is true that some details of this appalling incident require further investigation - but what is not in doubt is the presence of police officers on the second floor, called out to the apartment of the murderer's family and their non-intervention while Madame Halimi was begging for help and was being beaten, prior to being murdered.

The American Jewish Committee is shamefully silent about this - including its Paris representative Simone Roadan-Benzaquen.