Wednesday, November 16, 2016

North African survivors eligible for grants

 A UK Jewish organisation is calling on survivors of WWII from North Africa living in the UK to apply for grants.

 Jews were among the inmates of Moroccan labour camps during WWII. These photos were taken by Spanish prisoner Sinforiano Rodrigues at Bou Arfa camp.

The Six Point Foundation will support all North African survivors from Algeria, Tunisia, Libya as well as Morocco, who are living in the UK providing they meet their criteria.

Survivors of the pro-Nazi Farhud pogrom in Iraq do not qualify.

The Foundation would like to distribute its funds but has a limited window until  early spring 2017. It would like to make contact with survivors as soon as possible.

Applicants need to be current UK residents of Jewish origin who experienced 'Nazi oppression',  have an  income of less than £10k per annum (excluding any pensions or social security payments) and assets of less than £32k (excluding a primary residence and a car). They must be willing  to receive a home visit from a social worker experienced in assessing Holocaust survivors and refugees.

Applicants should contact Trisha Curtis at

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