Sunday, November 20, 2016

Israeli raises Jewish property question on al-Jazeera

Dr Edy Cohen, an academic researcher at Bar-Ilan university, has raised the question of property seized from Jews in Syria on Al-Jazeera Arabic's most viewed and prestigious programmes.

 In a discussion on 15 November about Syria, Dr Cohen appeared on the al - Fubbia programme ('The opposite way'), which has 70 million viewers in the Arab world.

Dr Cohen attacked Syrian president Assad and Iran's involvement. He said that Israel wants peace and does not interfere in the affairs of Arab countries, even though it has the military power to do so.

 Dr Cohen (pictured below), a Jewish refugee from Lebanon, is believed to be the first Israeli Jew ever to have taken part in the programme.

In 1946 Syria had 30, 000 Jews. Today there are believed to be fewer than 15.

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