Monday, August 15, 2016

Burial chambers attest to ancient Jewish presence


A Kerala farmer has discovered ancient burial chambers attesting to a pre-Christian, Jewish presence in India. Report in India 101 (With thanks: Jas)

A historian and conservationist, fittingly named Abraham Benhur, made a startling discovery on his farm in Kerala.

Hidden underground were ancient burial chambers unlike anything he had ever seen before. A little bit of digging, both physical and academic, revealed that the tombs on his property could be carbon dated back to the year 300 BC.

The burial chambers were arranged in an East-West direction, meaning these could only have been the tombs of ancient Christians or Jews. Since the tombs predated Christianity by a few hundred years, Abraham surmised that these were the remains of one of the Lost Jewish tribes of Israel, which had travelled to India so many centuries ago.

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Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

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This may have been seen before. It goes back to Morsi's rule over Egypt in 2013. One of his Muslim Brotherhood advisors said that Israel would be gone in ten years and the Egyptian Jews were invited to return "home".