Sunday, April 12, 2015

Hoopa Hetzroni! Mimouna forgives you

 With thanks: Ahuva

The last person you might expect to see at a Mimouna celebration in Israel is Professor Amir Hetzroni. The same Hetzroni who just a couple of weeks ago created a national scandal when he was thrown off a TV studio for insulting his Moroccan interlocutor.

 Miss Buzaglo and her family should never have been allowed into Israel, he ranted. The country should have been more selective with whom it admitted in the 50s and 60s. The Buzaglos should have rotted in Morocco.

Pinch yourself awake and rub your eyes! This video clip has not been photoshopped. It shows the professor, not only being applauded by the Moroccans he despises, but cheered and carried on their shoulders like a football hero.

Let bygones be bygones. Such is the power to reconcile former enemies of the Mimouna, the celebration which concludes the Passover week.

Update: here is the full TV report of Hetzroni's  Mimouna experience. We think he enjoyed it....


Sylvia said...

I looked at the link and nowhere does it say that this is Mimouna and that these are Moroccans.

All it says is that the video hasn't been photoshopped.

bataween said...

Sylvia, see Hetzroni's Facebook entry for 11 April, 6.51 pm.

Anonymous said...

So he was shamed enough by his egregious conduct and some Moroccans were either very gracious or somewhat in tune with the rest of his politics to help him out.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

If you want to help him, give him the name of a good psychiatrist.