Sunday, December 21, 2014

A song for Hanucah, Iraqi-style

With thanks: Janet


Here is a piyut (religious song) traditionally played at Hanucah by the Jews of Iraq (Babylon). The oudh player explains that the piyut is performed to a particular maqam or scale. Every Shabbat and festival had its own maqam. As a child he remembers being given a sevivon, or spinning top, to play with. Inside were sweets.

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Unknown said...

We sing this song every year in the Beth Knesseth (Ohel David Eastern Synagogue) before the maftir on Shabbath Hanukkah.

M.p said...

One thing is Uniting all Mizrahi Jews I the Oud and Mawal

singing - always a pleasure to listing and warms the heart

♥️. חג אורים שמח.