Thursday, November 13, 2014

'We dreamt of being expelled'

From top: Jean-Pierre Allali, Edwin Shuker, Levana Zamir

Organisations campaigning for Jewish refugees from Arab countries are looking forward to the 30th November, the date designated by the Israeli Parliament as an annual Day to remember the exodus of Jewish refugees from Arab lands.

In the summer of 2014 at a World Jewish Congress meeting in Budapest, delegates from JJAC (Justice for Jews from Arab Countries) recorded their stories. In the following Youtube link you will hear testimonies from Egypt, Libya, Iraq, Lebanon and Tunisia.

All these stories give a good idea of what Jews experienced in the run-up to their departure. So intolerable at times was their plight that one, Edwin Shuker from Iraq, says: 'we dreamt of being expelled'.

Events to remember the exodus are being organised all over the world. To organise an event at your synagogue, community centre, school or church please visit or

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