Saturday, November 22, 2014

Frenzied antisemitism in Turkey

 This poster virtually accuses Jews of using the Ebola virus as a biological weapon for 'global occupation'. It's only one manifestation of an officially-sanctioned antisemitism reaching frenzied levels in Turkey. Read this MEMRI report and weep (with thanks: Lily):

Antisemitic incitement by Turkish government officials, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan's oft-repeated statements that Israel is more barbaric than Hitler, and antisemitic accusations and threats by the media that support and promote Turkey's AKP ruling party have fostered an upsurge in antisemitism in the country. A recent survey by Gonzo Insight, the Turkish polling institute, found that in just 24 hours, on July 17-18, 2014, 27,309 Turkish Twitter users sent 30,926 Turkish-language tweets in support of Hitler's genocide against the Jews.[1]
In addition to statements by government officials, the pro-AKP media regularly accuse Turkey's Jews of "treason,"[2] and other accusations are also levelled, including connecting Jews with the use of Ebola as a biological weapon in "global occupation" that "knows no borders"; in addition, a professor tweeted about sending Jews to Treblinka.

Antisemitism is an accepted part of the government discourse; for example, in protests following the May 2014 mine collapse in Soma, in which over 300 miners died, then-prime minister Erdogan yelled at and scuffled with a miner, calling him "sperm of Israel."

At the same time that President Erdogan was denying, in his September 22, 2014 speech at the Council of Foreign Relations, that he or his government were in any way antisemitic, members of his party back home were tweeting praise for Hitler, and shops in Istanbul were displaying signs reading "No Admittance To Jewish Dogs."

On November 9, 2014, a sign reading "This Location To Be Demolished" was hung on the entrance to Istanbul's Neveh Shalom Synagogue; the synagogue has already been the target of two major terrorist attacks in which many congregants at prayer were killed and wounded.

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Sylvia said...

Turkish Jews should remember that these people have already committed a genocide.

Something is definitely wrong with Erdogan.He recently came up with the claim that Muslims sailors, NOT Colombus,were the first to dicover America in 1178 and they even built a mosque on a Cuban hill. Nowhe wouldlikeamosque on that same spot.

Maybe the "duda" of territorial conquest is itching him.

Anonymous said...

Nov. 22, 2014

Why is anybody the least bit surprised at the typical emanations of Muslims? It doesn't matter what their ethnicity, language, skin-hue or national culture is.For the most part,they have been dehumanized by the very content of their faith. Such behaviour is their "mainstream".
It is civilized restraint,"live and let live", and a belief in the freedom to choose, that is marginal & extremist in their morally inverted universe. Ask to-day's victims of a typical Muslim foam-at-the mouth "frenzy" on the passengers of a bus in Kenya. All non-Muslims were separated out and slaughtered. 24/7 "incidents" for them. And the non-stop fodder of blood & gore for the media. It is the world's Muslim communities & their mainly leftist -liberal dhimmis who aid & abet them,who must be pro-actively targeted for organized resistance. On every continent & in every community in which they feel confident & strong to do their typical worst. With special attention to any & all agencies & officials associated with the united nations.
But,why do so many of Islam's victims, who do know better, pine-away nostalgically for "hell-on-earth" ? Which is the inevitable fate of any weak & defenceless minority who have been evicted from &/or mass-murdered in their former homes in Muslim lands. Where almost all of them pre-dated the rise of Islam by a thousand years or more?
What anniversary is coming up in April 2015 ? It's the centennial of the Armenian Genocide.The guilt lies on all Muslims who deny it: Or claim they never heard of it. Or blame it on the Armenians. People of Turkic heritage should not be singled out,simply because they are of that ethnicity & culture.
Regardless of the twisted behaviour of certain of their "leaders". Hint: Most Muslim communities in America, Europe,Australia etc. are undisputed burdens on their host societies.{e.g. Malmo Sweden, Europe's per capita rape capital. Not to mention the decade long horror of Rotherham U.K.}
But they consider themselves invulnerable to any remediable opposition. So,they have no incentive to change their deeply ingrained patterns of behavior. Let's give them some well-planned, organized & effective 'behavior-mod':To memorialize & honour THEIR tens of millions of victims down through the centuries.

Norman L. Roth, Canada.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

they already committed a genocide. Good point, Sylvia. Moreover, many German and Austrian officers served with the Ottoman forces and on the Ottoman front in WW I, some collaborating directly in the genocide. Some of these same offices were around for WW 2 & the Holocaust.

by the way, not too long ago, erdogan was considered Obama's faovorite friend among leaders outside the US and Obama intervened in 2010 to pressure Israel after the passengers on the mavi marmara were taken into custody by Israel. Remember how quickly those enemies of Israel were released?

and while erdogan accuses Israel of war crimes, he has never admitted that there was an Armenian genocide.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

the Bolsheviks helped to protect the Turkish/Ottoman/Muslim reputation after the Armenian genocide. See link:

Empress Trudy said...

It's probably at least a year before becoming law. Many Muslim states outlaw the presence of Jews. Turkey will be one more. No one will raise a voice in protest outside of the Jews themselves, of course. So Turkish Jews should start taking concrete actions towards aliyah or emigrating literally anywhere else. As I said, they have about a year maybe a little more.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

exchange on Jews in Turkey with Yvonne Ridley:

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

erdogan had Nazi-like ideas long before he became the top dog in Turkey

Ulisse Di Bartolomei said...

Why the anti-Semitism? Holocaust, two millennia of Jewish persecutions. The Hebrews, a people always to a margins of history, and despite became a cause of so intrusive implications. However they don’t have “direct” guilt for the death of Jesus and not even the Roman army, that performed a correlated command to a Jewish popular wish. The firstly guilty one is an “unsuspected”, saved by the exegetes to comply to a mystical project! Is it possible to restore to health the dogmatic enmity between the Christianity and the Judaism? I believe yes! Don’t you believe it?

Anonymous said...

Refer back to Nov. 22, 2014 by Norman L. Roth,

It is Muslims,almost their entire global community,who have reached "The Point of No Return."
It appears that they are incapable of the "live & let live" attitude,that makes for reasonably unthreatened stability in civilized societies: Nor can any non-Muslim in a sane state of mind,expect a safe stable existence among THEIR madhouse-rock societies. BUT:It's THEIR almost universal state of hopelessness,that constitutes THEIR greatest strength. And endows them with an army of otherwise unoccupied,spontaneous perpetrators:In numbers that are unthinkable among the citizens of THEIR host societies.Who just want to go about their daily lives as usual.This leaves the rest of humanity with a hitherto unthinkable set of strategies to deal with the burdens of the Islamic masses among them,and next to them. For example: Given the incidence and almost predictable frequency of psychopathic behaviour among most Muslim people,compared to other communities; Is it possible that some taken-for-granted rights & privileges may have to be abrogated ? At least for the duration ? And much tighter regulations and vigilance be imposed on THEIR freedom of movement. And that local law enforcement & conventional military forces must be given more latitude in dealing with THEIR increasingly well-planned & executed outbursts.On the unchallengeable principle that the safety and security of the host society trumps the rights of the population that is the obvious source of a steady-state threat. Way beyond the scale of the usual civil and criminal offences that plague all civil societies. And that policies to enable reasonable & humane repatriation on a large scale be implemented ? If such measures are not worked out post-haste,in all THEIR host societies,the door to a much more spontaneous reaction,with all its connotations of vigilante justice,will swing open.

Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

March 03, 2015
When P.M. Netanyahu finishes his trip to the U.S.A.and the dust settles after his Speech to Congress,Israel will be confronted with another stark choice.Iran will totally ignore any and all sanctions: And stone-wall the inspections;Or the lack of them;After the "negotiations" with Obama's staff are concluded. Therefore,there will have to be consequences from those nations{India & Israel},who are imminently threatened by the two Muslim nations;Who either possess nuclear weapons:Or are well on the way to having them.PAKISTAN & IRAN respectively.Because there is almost no chance that any deterring consequences will come from the Oval Office;Or a Europe resigned to its fate at the hands of her own welfare sucking & unhinged Muslim inmates.We must also keep in mind that there is no way to ensure that an exchange of Nuclear arms will not take place between the corrupt, disintegrating hulk of Pakistan and a bloody-minded Iran.If it hasn't happened already.Does this suggest that both nations' capabilities must be taken out simultaneously? From more than one location? Of course, the aftermath of such events will feature the usual grande guignole, so universally typical of Muslim behavioral patterns,for far more trivial reasons. The wholesale slaughter, enslavement, torture & mutilation of all non Muslims left in those dark nights of the soul,from Casablanca to Kashmir,and all points North and South. Christians,Jews, Egyptian Copts, Bahai,Zoroastrians etc. And on the very centennial of the Armenian Genocide at that !
Norman L. Roth, Toronto Canada

Anonymous said...

March 08 2015

See March 03 2015 above
Especially the reference to nuclear exchanges between Pakistan and....?

It would appear that such an exchange is no longer so remote. According to reports,top ranking Pakistani leaders are flying to Saudi Arabia {Not Iran...yet} to formalize such a "donation" with the current Saudi king. A brief glance at a map shows just how much closer to Israel,terror -funding,grotesquely corrupt & slave -trading Saudi Arabia is to Israel than Iran is. The point of no return has already been reached, when the nuclear grab-bag show becomes the norm in the Muslim Orient. Nauseatingly venal & savagely intolerant Pakistan couldn't care less where its next blood-money comes from. Remember their state sponsored assault on Mumbai in November 2008!
Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada

Anonymous said...

April 10, 2015
See March 03 and March 08 above.
As if they are going out of THEIR way to prove OUR worst possible prognoses, Pakistan, an actual possessor of easily distributable nuclear,weapons-grade materiel & warheads,has released the chief planner of the infamous assault on India,The Mumbai Massacre of November 2008. Which included a corollary assault on the nearby Chabad house.Because "Killing one Jew is worth killing 50 other enemies of Islam".
This Jihad action was celebrated as a great victory, in almost every Muslim community in the world.And openly touted as a model for similar Shaheed
'projects'. Is anyone really surprised ? Pakistan is,
for all practical purposes, a worse threat than Iran{istan} Pakistan is no longer going through the pretense of being anything other than a typically Muslim,failed nation-state.Her fate should be short-term inevitable.With a "corollary" legitimate impact on Pakistani-Muslim émigré community elsewhere.

Norman L. Roth, Toronto, Canada.