Friday, November 14, 2014

Does Aladdin deserve ADL award?

ADL National Director Abraham Foxman presents  the Anti-Defamation League’s Daniel Pearl Award to Anne-Marie Revcolevschi, President of The Aladdin Project.

At its Annual General Meeting on 6 November in Los Angeles the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) awarded the prestigious Daniel Pearl prize to the Aladdin project for 'promoting greater understanding between Jews and Muslims'.

Five years ago, Veronique Chemla, a French-Jewish journalist wrote down her misgivings in Front Page magazine. The dalogue promoted by the Aladdin project tiptoes around real bones of contention, throwing the ethnic cleansing of Sephardi/Mizrahi Jewry, among other things, under the bus of mutual understanding.

"We need to go beyond the perennial We are brothers, cousins, shalom, salam! and engage in a real dialogue with the Muslim word in which we recognise what unites us but also what divides us," she says. "We need to air our disagreements in order to build enduring and deep relationships. Jihad targets 'Jews and Crusaders'. We need to enter into a real dialogue with Muslims and non-Muslims in order to make them understand the jihadist threat and build alliances with them.

"Initiatives such as the 'islamically-correct' (anti-Holocaust denial) Aladdin project marginalise and isolate moderate Muslims and distance Jews from their anti-jihadist allies. It is not denial and revisionism which feeds antisemitism but the demonisation and delegitimisation of the State of Israel."

Islamically- correct meeting bolsters coexistence myth

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