Sunday, October 05, 2014

A Yom Kippur apology for our silence

 With thanks: Michelle
 Adon Ha-Selihot, a traditional piyut asking for forgiveness, played by the New Andalusian orchestra of Israel

Just 24 hours since the end of Yom Kippur,when it is customary to ask for forgiveness from God and from your fellow man, it's perhaps not too late to share with Point of No Return readers the  timely thoughts of Janet D, who left Iraq in the 1970s.

 " It's time to share with you my heartfelt thoughts on this day of Yom Kippur: In the name of my generation I would like to apologize to the older generation of the Babylonian Jewish community for many things, to our dear ones who were massacred during the "Farhud", and those who did not survive the attacks, hangings and prisons in Iraq like my classmate ( the 16- year- old Joyce Qashqush, her family, and those who survived but were left with trauma and scars for the rest of their lives,

"I want to say Sorry for not having done enough to tell their story and their suffering, and the robbery of their rights and human dignity and for not even teaching about them to our children at schools in Israel,

"Sorry for our silence for decades and for conniving in Israel's silence

"Sorry that the names of our victims are still not included in the collective memory of the State of Israel,

"Sorry for having to abandon the synagogues and Torah scrolls, the manuscripts and shrines of Tzaddikim and the prophet Ezekiel's tomb at al-Kifl and other holy sites and objects that continue to remind us of the terrible ethnic cleansing that our ancient loyal community suffered in Iraq.

"I wish for all of us - both in Israel and abroad – spiritual insights, purity and relief for our souls on this day of Yom Kippur."

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