Sunday, July 13, 2014

Kanoon player Abraham Salman dies


 Abraham Salman, one of Israel's greatest Kanoon players has died, aged 83.

Ynet News reports:

 Salman immigrated to Israel from Iraq in the Fifties and played in the Israel Radio Arabic orchestra until the late Eighties. He would show up wearing dark glasses because of his blindness.

 Among other things,  Salman produced an album of his old recordings from the sixties. He also worked with Danny Sanderson.

"I was privileged to grow up with such a father," Gili, his son, eulogized him."I grew up with the band Kaveret. They used to rehearse at our Galilee home with my father.Thanks to him I led a special life. "

Salman is survived by a wife, three children and six grandchildren.

Point of No Return adds: Salman was a product of the School for the Blind in Baghdad. The school trained the Jewish blind as musicians so that they would not have to beg on the streets. Jews dominated music in the early part of the 20th century and all but three of the 250 members of Baghdad Radio Orchestra in the 1930s were Jews, many of them blind.

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Unknown said...

Avraham ("Ibrahim") Salman was a genius in his creativity with the near eastern maqam based traditions and genres as well as an innovator in his ability to play Western repertoire on the qanun. He was a virtuoso as well, and he did it all without being able to see. It was an honor to meet him, record him in his home in 1980 (with Simon Shaheen), and publish this recording ("Taqsim") through the Jewish Music Research Center. For additional recordings, click here:;jsessionid... I remember him smiling when I remarked "tarbani" in Arabic after hearing him play. This expression means "I was transported to an exalted state from your music." For more information about Iraqi Jewish musicians, please contact