Saturday, May 24, 2014

Another Jew stabbed in Djerba (updated)

A pilgrim at the al-Ghriba synagogue. The festivities ended 6 days ago

Update: The Times of Israel is reporting that the assailant yelled: "the nation of Muhammad returns for vengeance!" He was arrested, but apparently released without charge.

Update to the update: Arutz Sheva reports:
"According to local media reports, merchants on the scene were able to apprehend the perpetrator and turn him in to local police. Justice will not be served, however; more than a hundred masked men surrounded the police station and threatened to burn it down if the terrorist was prosecuted.
The police released the assailant immediately."

A Jewish Tunisian man was stabbed in the chest after a fight at the Jewish market in Djerba.It's been a month since the last stabbing. Report in the Forward (with thanks: Lily)

Tunisia’s chief rabbi, Chaim Bitan, was quoted as telling the news site that the unnamed victim sustained wounds that are not life threatening in the stabbing Thursday and is currently in hospital. The report did not say what led to the man’s stabbing, but it said the attacker was a Muslim man.

Last month, a member of the southern Tunisian island’s 2,000-strong Jewish community was wounded in another stabbing, which Tunisian police said was not a hate crime.

Approximately 1,500 Jews, including Israelis, visited Djerba this month for the annual Jewish pilgrimage to the El Ghriba synagogue.

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