Tuesday, March 25, 2014

'Refugee' was not in my grandma's vocabulary

Spare 11 minutes of your life to watch this moving TED talk by Hen Mazzig to a US campus audience.

 Hen Mazzig, a 24-year-old Israeli and member of StandWithUs, talks about the power of hope and doing good deeds.

 His grandparents were refugees from Tunisia and Iraq who left their countries of birth with nothing and came to Israel, a nation based on hope.

Never did they use the term 'refugee' to describe themselves. Never did they express resentment. They only wanted to move on. That is why they never demanded justice for themselves.

 Hen survived a terror attack at his local ice-cream shop during the Second Intifada. The event continues to haunt him. During his army service he worked in the COGAT unit dealing with Palestinian civilians. Israeli doctors would save Palestinian lives. Israel has spent 35 million dollars aiding Syrian victims of the civil war.

He says that his background and experience are typical of many Israelis. Hope, not resentment, is their motivation.


Anonymous said...

Excellent talk by Hen, who has also written excellent blogposts on Times of Israel if I recall correctly, about his experiences speaking on campuses against Israeli Apartheid Week/BDS.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Times of Israel remembers pogrom in Port Said on March 25, 1903, and one in Morocco also in 1903:

The Jewish quarter of Port Said, Egypt is invaded and looted

The Jewish Quarter was invaded and looted by Arabs in consequence of an earlier ritual murder charge against Jews that took place on September 17, 1902. The area was invaded and despoiled. Jewish areas in Morocco were also pillaged during the year. [Less]

bataween said...

Yes, saw that, Eliyahu. Is there any more info on these?