Sunday, March 09, 2014

Moroccan chosen as Miss Israel

 With thanks: Michelle

An 18-year-old resident of Beersheva, Mor Maman (pictured), has been chosen as Miss Israel 2014, a francophone Maghreb news outlet has reported.

Yabiladies seems to take pride in the fact that Miss Maman, from a Moroccan-Jewish family, was voted in by a public landslide. She will represent Israel in the Miss World contest in 2014, as well as Miss Universe 2014 in Brazil.

Contrary to the report,  Miss Maman is not the second African to win the beauty contest after last year's winner, the Ethiopian Yityish titi Aynaw. Previous winners were the Moroccan Linor Abergil and Yael Nizri (of Moroccan and Libyan parentage).

But commenters on the article are less than enamoured with the fact that the 18-year-old is about to serve in the Airforce of the Zionist entity, where she will be engaged in 'oppressing Palestinians and seizing their lands.'

One asks, why is this news anyway?

Could the answer lie in the fact the item is the second most popular on the site, and has gleaned 947 'recommends' ?


Anonymous said...

She is from Moroccan origin.
What is even cooler is that another nominee was a New Immigrant (Olah) from Morocco, who came to Israel only two years ago, in the age of 18-19, leaving behind her parents In Morocco. The parents came from Morocco to Israel especially for the beauty competition. She didn't win but she reached the top 10. Her name is Aviva Azran and she now lives in Ashdod.

Anonymous said...

Yes people we took pride of it, because she represents a Moroccan beauty. Moroccan Jews are ethnic Moroccan people whose descendants lived with us for thousands of years. She represents Israel, but at the end of the day, her looks is not Jewish but Moorish. But at the same time, Moroccans don't understand the conflict, for them any soldier is a Palestinian-killer, therefore the controversy. But on a different note, I don't think she should have win, Aviva was way more beautiful.