Friday, March 21, 2014

Missing Iranian Jews were murdered

Babak Tehrani, one of the missing 11 now confirmed murdered

Two decades of mystery surrounding the fate of eight Iranian Jews who disappeared in 1994 came to a bitter close Thursday, as the Mossad said that the group had been murdered while attempting to emigrate to Israel. The Times of Israel reports:

In a statement released by the Prime Minister’s Office Thursday night, it was revealed that the Mossad had been tracking 11 Jews who had fled the Islamic Republic in four separate groups in 1994 and 1997. 

In their attempts to cross the borders to neighboring countries, in hopes of eventually reaching Israel, the Jews had vanished without a trace, leaving families clinging to the hope that they had been kidnapped, or held in captivity by foreign governments.

The statement did not detail when or where the eight were killed or by whom. The PMO said the Mossad had relied on a “reliable source” for the information.
An inquiry into the fate of the additional three Iranian Jews, who were last heard from in 1997, is ongoing, the PMO said.

The eight killed Jews were Babak Shaoulian-Tehrani, 17 at the time of his disappearance, of Tehran; Shahin Nik-Khoo, 19, of Tehran; Salari Behzad, 21, of Kermanshah; Farad Ezati-Mahmoudi, 22, of Kermanshah; Homayoun Bala-Zade, 41, of Shiraz; Omid Solouki, 17, of Tehran; Rubin Kohan-Mosleh, 17, of Shiraz; and Ibrahim Kohan-Mosleh, 16, of Shiraz.

The three whose fates remain unknown are Syrous Ghahremani, 42 or 32 at time of disappearance, of Kermanshah; Ibrahim Ghahremani, 61, of Kermanshah; and Nourollah Rabi-Zade, 52, of Shiraz.


Anonymous said...

Could you guys help me? I was wondering if someone here can translate this for me:

ما بدنا احنا لا فلسطين ولا غيره، احنا بدنا يفتحولنا الطريق، وما عد بدنالا سلاتن ولا غيره، إحنا عم بنطالب هلق بالجنسية الإسرائيلية، ما عد بدنا لا حق عودة ولا غيره، بعناها لفلسطين. أصلاً ما بنعرف عنها شي. بس، لا بدنا لا محمود عباس. المسلمين... مليار وتلات مية مليون، ما طالع بايدن شي. لو في طفل إسرائيلي بمخيم اليرموك، كانت اتحلت قضيته من زمان. من أول أسبوع كان المسلمين هنـى حلُّوه. بس المسلمين هلا ما دخلن بشي.
أصلاً ما في مسلمين بالأساس. هذا بس كل ياللي بدِّي أوَصلن اياه للمسلمين ولمحمود عباس ولكل شي بقول انا رئيس وانا

bataween said...

Have you tried Google Translate?

Sylvia said...

It's in 3amiyya, not in standard Arabic. Google will translate only standard Arabic words, I am not sure it will recognize dialectal words.

I'll give it a try but keep in mind that that my dialect is darija not 3amiyya.

At first glance the writers seem to be asking to enter Israel.

It starts:

"It's not Palestine or anything like that we want. We want the road to be opened. Further we do not want to rule or such, We'll never (?) ask for Israeli citizenship. In addition we want neither law of return nor such . With regard to Palestine, we don't know a thing about it. We don't want any Mahmoud Abbas. The Muslims... one billion and three hundred millions ...."

Must go but if not done by this evening I'll be glad to come back to it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the help Sylvia. When I first heard it, I thought he was actually asking for Israeli citizenship.
Here's the video:

Sylvia said...

"The Muslims... one billion and three hundred millions didn't come up with anything. Had Israeli children been in the camp in Yarmuck, the situation would have been decided a long time ago. Since the first weeks the Muslims were here... But the Muslims didn't bring us a thing. In fact, there are no Muslims in authority. This is all I want to say to Muslims and to Mahmoud Abbas and to everything he says he says I am President or other

Sylvia said...

Indeed that's what I get from the video which wasn't clear to me from the text.

Sylvia said...

That video is really heartbreaking. Particularly the child crying his hunger.

Those who put them there - and left them there in order to score points with the world opinion, as well as their supporters and useful idiots, are to blame.
Interestingly, when push comes to shove, they know who are the real criminals. Amazing.

Anonymous said...

محمود عباس: من الأفضل أن يموت اللاجئ في سورية، من التخلي عن حقه في العودة.

Anonymous said...

The video has a link on the front that reads
Below is something in English that I found about the organization.
Is the song that the organization takes its name from?
جراس العودة.mp3 Jerusalem: Idea and Reality - Page 164 - Google Books Result
Tamar Mayer, ‎Suleiman A. Mourad - 2008 - ‎Social Science
In the few years before the Six-Day War of 1967, Fayruz sang songs like ''The Bells of Return'' (Ajras al-'awda) and ''We Shall Return One Day'' (sa-Narji'u ..
Ajras Al awdeh - أجراس العودة

There is at least one facebook page that you get to when you google the Arabic phrase above.