Thursday, October 10, 2013

Netanyahu takes gloves off

The gloves are off. The recent speech made by Israel's Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu, at Bar Ilan university marks a new, less politically-correct approach:  it places Palestinian rejectionism in its pro-Nazi, historical context, after Israel had for years downplayed discussion of the Mufti’s role in the extermination of the Jews.  It is only a shame that Netanyahu's speech did not include the Mufti's  agitation against Jews in the Arab world and the part he played in inciting the Farhud pogrom. His extermination plans targeted all Jews - not just those of Europe. Here are extracts from the speech in the Times of Israel:

"The undisputed leader of the Palestinian national movement in the first half of the 20th century was Mufti Haj Amin al-Husseini. The Mufti was the living spirit behind those same attacks I described, from 1921 in Jaffa through the Second World War. All this is known, but here are some facts about the Mufti’s activities that are less well known:

"On November 28, 1941, the Mufti flew to Berlin and met with Hitler. He expressed to Hitler his readiness to cooperate with Germany in any way. And he did so – both by recruiting Muslim fighters to join the ranks of the S.S. in the Balkans and by broadcasting propaganda for the Nazis.

"Here is a typical example of the propaganda broadcast by the Mufti in 1942. I quote, “If England is defeated and its allies overwhelmed, it will provide a final solution to the Jewish question, which in our mind is the greatest danger”. Between 1942 and 1944, he worked from his base in Berlin and tried to prevent Jews from being saved – in Hungary, Germany, Bulgaria, Croatia – countries which, despite being enslaved to Hitler, allowed the Jews to escape to the Land of Israel and other places.

"The Mufti protested to the Nazis that they hadn’t provided enough resources to prevent the escape of the refugee Jews from the Balkans. In his testimony at the Nuremberg Trials on August 6, 1947, the German commander Wilhelm Melchers said, “The Mufti made his protests known everywhere, in the Bureau of the Foreign Minister and the State Minister and in other headquarters of the S.S.” On May 13, 1943, for example, the Mufti submitted a letter to the Nazi Foreign Minister Ribbentrop in which he objected to the understandings Germany made which allowed for the deportation of 4,000 Jewish children from Bulgaria. He asked to see, “everyone,” and I quote, “everyone wiped out”.

"Eichmann’s deputy, Dieter Wisliceny, provided the following chilling testimony at Nuremberg: “The Mufti played a role in the decision to destroy the Jews of Europe. The importance of his role cannot be ignored. The Mufti repeatedly proposed to the authorities with whom he was in contact, first and foremost Hitler, Ribbentrop and Himmler, to destroy the European Jews. He saw in that an appropriate solution to the Palestinian question”. Wisliceny even provided hearsay evidence that the Mufti was directly involved in the Final Solution. “The Mufti was one of the initiators of the methodical destruction of the Jews of Europe and was a partner and consultant to Eichmann and Hitler on how to execute the plan. He was one of Eichmann’s best friends and constantly pushed him to speed up the destruction. With my own ears,” he said, “I heard him say that he visited the gas chambers of Auschwitz anonymously in the company of Eichmann”.

The myth of Palestinian innocence


Jesterhead45 said...

Agree with you

It can be stated as fact that the Israel-Arab conflict is really an continuation of WW2 with the Arabs being allied to the Axis who not only had a hand in the Holocaust and praise the Nazis / Hitler to this day (due to the West not holding the Arabs to account for their crimes), but also seek to "finish the job hitler started" (albeit with western support and heavy-lifting).

In such a light, it brings up some unpleasant implications as to what motivates western support for the arabs and the willingness to accept the pro-arab narrative on mere hearsay / outright lies (over the meticulous historical evidence that supports all Jewish claims), even at the expense of the Western World's own ailing economies.

bataween said...

Agree with you 100 percent

Sylvia said...

It is important to keep in mind the historical background when bringing up the subject of "Arab" alliance with the Nazis.

During WWII not all Arab countries were on the same side: Libya was occupied by Mussolini's Italy, Tunisia Algeria, Morocco were occupied by Vichy France, and naturally the populations were anti-German and welcomed the Anglo-American landing during the war.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

Sylvia, in Libya, during the German occupation, Arabs were encouraged to make a pogrom on the local Jews and did so. The Italians when they were in charge usually protected the Jews.

In Morocco, Franco's govt in Spain had encouraged Arab nationalists in the Spanish zone of Morocco, such as Abdel-Khalek Torres [or Turris]. Franco was quite interested in forming an alliance with Arab nationalists. And that was true up to his death circa 1975. During the Vichy period, German agents were active among Arab nationalists in Morocco and found some sympathy.

The fact that Hitler's allies, fascist Italy and Franco Spain, controlled some territory in Arab lands did not deter sympathy for the Germans, especially since the Mufti was shilling for Hitler.

Here is a quote from Husseini's interview with Hitler in which Hitler promised him that the Final Solution would be extended to Jews in Arab lands. Also a video of Husseini in Berlin. See link:

Sylvia said...

Pogroms against Jews were a fact of life independently of political alliances and they were not always an indicator of rational political thought. Attacks occurred when Jews were on the same side as the Muslim masses which was almost always.

There is no doubt that many nationalist leaders from NAfrican countries were in Egypt and were exposed to Husseini's ideas regarding the Jews. And there was also the fact that the French employed local police (the gendarmerie) who maintained the population in check (the movie "Casablanca" comes to mind).

As to Spanish Morocco, it was an entirely different game than in the interior. Franco climbed all the echelons of the Spanish military while in Morocco and prior to becoming a dictator, so I do no doubt for a moment that he made friends and allies among the local upper crust.

But Franco was also the one who fought the nationalist forces as a Spanish officer previously in the 1920s and he was surely remembered for that.

Another and no small detail was the fact that the Germans were allied to the Ottomans and Morocco was strongly suspicious of the Turks, in fact it was the only country in North Africa not occupied by the Turks.

That's for Morocco but if we examine facts and dates for the other NAfrican countries we'll find that it was not so simple.

Oh, and another very important fact was the British-US Operation Torch in 1942 that led to the surrender of the Vichysts and established a big army base in Port-Lyautey from which they led air operations against the Germans throughout the Maghreb.
There is no doubt that the Allies were very welcome by the nationalists and their victory was what led them to believe they could oust the French in all those countries.

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

The Americans never gave decent credit to the Algiers Underground --80% Jewish-- that gave the city of Algiers to them without the US troops having to fire a shot. [see book by Gitta Amipaz-Silber in Hebrew, French, or english]. German agents were active in Spanish & French zones of Morocco & Tangiers, winning hearts and minds.

See, inter alia, Shlomo Ben Ami's book on Franco Spain in Hebrew.