Monday, October 14, 2013

Iran manipulates Jewish leader (updated)

Homayoun Sameyah (Siamak) Morsadegh...manipulated

The leader of Tehran's Jewish community and Iran's sole Jewish parliamentarian has urged U.S. President Barack Obama to take advantage of the "unrepeatable" opportunity to repair relations with Iran, AFP (republished in Haaretz) reported on Monday. Here is a heart-rending example of 'dhimmitude' and the manipulation of Iranian Jews by the regime for its political ends. Homayoun Sameyah Morsadegh was made to accompany President Rouhani to New York last month.

Update: Tehran is not pressuring the Iranian Jewish community to take part in its so-called "charm offensive," a former Israeli diplomat to Tehran told The Jerusalem Post.

"If the U.S. and the international community do not make the best of this golden and perhaps unrepeatable opportunity, then it will be in the benefit of those who are against the normalization of ties between Iran and the U.S.," wrote Homayoun Sameyah, according to AFP, in an open letter addressed to Obama.
In the letter Sameyah also described in a positive light the condition of the Jewish community in Iran, AFP reported. "We, the Iranian Jews, as an Iranian religious minority, participated in the elections and elected our popular president freely."

The Jewish community, he said, in a rebuttal of Netanyahu's remarks to the Iranian public, is free to "[wear] jeans and [listen] to music."

In September, the Iranian Jewish community in the U.S. declined an official invitation to meet with Iranian President Hassan Rohani during his visit to New York.

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Anonymous said...

et ben "merde alors"

Empress Trudy said...

Oh please we need to stop worrying about these Kapos. They've had every sane opportunity to flee. If they haven't yet they never will and we should no longer consider them Jewish spokespersons for anyone on any subject at all. In 10 years there will be zero Jews in Iran.