Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Palestinian versus Jewish Refugees

With thanks: Elder of Ziyon

 Here's another animated video making the comparison between Palestinian and Jewish refugees. It was uploaded by 'ConfuseMewithFacts' in September 2012 and has been seen by some 5,000.

And here's a landmark CBN clip - the first time that Jewish refugees were discussed on a mainstream TV channel. The report aired in April 2013:


Sylvia said...

Archives readies a schoolgirl’s records and a trove of Jewish treasures for return to Iraq

Via Martin Kramer

bataween said...

Thanks Sylvia, you're the fourth to alert me to this article. Up tomorrow - together with news from Yemen.

Sylvia said...

It seems to me Iraqi Jewish groups should organize to not let it happen.

they would be smart not to repeat the same mistake as Egyptian Jews: fight over whether it should be in Israel or New York and at the end see all that Jewish culture disappear in Egypt.

bataween said...

Agree 100 percent. On the case.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the video.
I have made comments to people about the Jewish refugees before, but the most common response is always that Jews are not a people, but only a religion(to which I say, are these people Jewish(Israels founders were mostly atheists)and they just disappear afterwords and never say anything back

Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

in my judgment, the same people who today say that Jews are a religion, not a people, would have said in the Hitler period, along with Hitler, that the Jews are a race, an evil race. The reason for saying today that the Jews are not a people is to deny Jewish national rights and Jewish history.