Friday, August 02, 2013

No price exacted from Arab League

 Letters sympathetic to Israel and Jews in the Financial Times are hard to come by - but here's one that got through: 
Sir, Ben Judah (“Israelis need to be shaken out of their escapism”, July 31) assumes that a withdrawal of settlers from the West Bank will end the conflict between the Palestinians and Israel. It will not.

The real stumbling block is Palestinian insistence on destroying Israel though the “right of return”.

Western commentators misunderstand the conflict as being one over land, but the main issue is the non-recognition of a Jewish state within any borders.
Israel is expected to make all the concessions, yet the Arab side has never been held to account for over 60 years of terrorism and wars of aggression against the Jewish state.

Nor is the Arab League ever expected to pay a price for “ethnically cleansing” and dispossessing a million of their Jewish citizens, now comprising 50 per cent of Israel’s Jews.

The World Organization of Jews from Arab Countries estimates that Jews living in Arab countries owned land equivalent to four or five times the size of Israel itself and assets worth 50 per cent more than Palestinian losses.

Jewish settlements have to be seen in the context of a swap of land and population between Jews and Arabs across the entire region – an exchange in which at present the Arabs are the net beneficiaries.

L Julius,
Harif – the UK Association of Jews from the Middle East and North Africa, London SW5, UK

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Sylvia said...

With the renewed peace talks I wouldn't be surprised if Tzipi Livni "retires" the dossier as another proof of good will. Just like eilin before her, she has proved that she feels no empathy for the "Frankim".

It is interesting that the two most active supporters in the Israeli government are not longer there.

Both Danny Ayalon and Uzi Arad are out of government, both spectacularly kicked out and the real motives for their expulsion from politics are yet to be known.

The site "Ani Palit" belongs to the government and they and only they can decide if it lives or dies. And it seems to be dying as-we-speak.

Lets's hope it'll serve as a lesson for the next time someone will want to go to the Knesset.