Friday, August 02, 2013

Israeli chief rabbi honoured in Morocco

Shlomo Amar, the present Sephardi chief rabbi of Israel (pictured left), was awarded one of the highest honours bestowed by the Moroccan king at a ceremony in Casablanca on 30 July, L' Observateur du Maroc reports (with thanks: Michelle):

Casablanca-born  Rabbi Amar received the Ouissam Alaoui 'exceptional class' award from King Mohammed Vl as Palestinian and Israeli neogtiators sat down in Washington to resume peace talks.

In an interview with L'Observateur du Maroc, the rabbi said he was immensely moved and happy. "It's a great day for me, and a great day for the Moroccan-Jewish world, which like me remains deeply connected to Morocco. I am also happy to see that his Majesty the king is wisely leading his country in the best possible way.

"It is G-d's will  that I should have received this honour from the hands of King Mohammed on the day  that Israel and Palestine should resume their dialogue for peace. This is a process which his Majesty has never ceased to call for, as one who is deeply attached to the values of peace and brotherhood between peoples and religions. I see a message in this...Like the King we wish with all our heart that peace should reign not just between Israelis and Palestinians but throughout the world."

Shlomo Amar will be succeeded as Sephardi chief Rabbi of Israel by Yitzhak Yosef, who won last week's rabbinical elections.

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