Thursday, April 25, 2013

Most pre-1952 immigrants were from Muslim lands

Refugees from Arab and Muslim lands comprised the majority of immigrants into Israel between 1948 and 1952, according to the English-language blog of the Israel State Archive:

Bear in mind that in May 1948 when Israel became independent, there were some 600,000 Jews in the country. By the time the battles subsided, towards the end of that year, 110,000 immigrants had arrived, 6,000 Jews had been killed in the war, and the stabilizing borders contained 100,000 Arabs or perhaps a bit more. 800-850,000 people all in all.

By the end of 1952, 738,891 immigrants had arrived (this includes the 110,000 who arrived in the second half of 1948). Of course, the immigration didn't end in December 1952, but that's beyond the scope of our file.

Muslim countries:
Turkey                                       35,025
Syria and Lebanon                    34,608
Iraq                                          124,226
Yemen and Aden                       48,375
Other Asian countries                 7,579
Tunisia, Morocco, Algeria        52,584
Libya                                         32,129
Egypt                                         17,114
Total Muslim countries:           377,251 of  889,700

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