Tuesday, February 05, 2013

Where are the Jewish players in Arab soccer?

 Ron Torossian in the Algemeiner points out the media double standards surrounding the story that 'racist' supporters of the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team (most of whom hail from Arab and Muslim lands) are objecting to Muslim players : why does the press not ask where are the Jewish players in Arab or Muslim soccer?
(...) There is another story receiving extensive media coverage, both inside and outside of Israel about the possibility of two Muslim athletes joining the Beitar Jerusalem soccer team. Fans of the team are loudly protesting the possibility of Muslims joining the team – they held signs this weekend at a game reading “Beitar will be pure forever” and they reportedly shouted anti-Muslim slogans. Of course, it was headline news in every Israeli newspaper.

It is quite clear that the behavior of those fans is not representative of the Jewish State. That said, why is there no media coverage of the lack of Jews or Israelis on Arab soccer teams? Or about the fact that the Jewish state has so many Arab soccer teams. Where is the feature article on how an Israeli (soccer player or not) setting foot in most Arab countries would be putting his life in danger? Once again, it is a one-way street paved solely with Israeli and Jewish accountability.

While ESPN dubbed Beitar fans “the most dangerous fans” in Israeli soccer, one wonders how an Israeli player might be treated on a Muslim team in Iran, or an Arab team in Yemen? They would be lynched of course – The spectacle would make Beitar fans look like kindergarten children, and the Jewish player would not make it out of the stadium alive.

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Anonymous said...

why would any
Jew want to play with Arabs, so they can be torn apart?

Unknown said...

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Anonymous said...

thanks to Shivani! Yes, we have enough Jewish organisms to practise sports with them. We don't need Arabs

Unknown said...

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