Thursday, February 07, 2013

Imams' visit to Drancy shows that Islam is 'tolerant'

 Manuel Valls, French Interior Minister, (far left) together with Muslim leaders, pays his respects at the Drancy memorial

Drancy is the site of the notorious velodrome outside Paris whence 13,000 Jews were deported eastwards to death camps in 1942. Only 25 survived. The Daily Star (Lebanon) is among several media to pick up this AP report :

DRANCY, France: Dozens of French imams have visited a Holocaust memorial in Drancy in an effort to show that Islam is a tolerant religion.

The Muslim leaders, who traveled from all over France, gathered Monday night at the site of the former detention camp where around 65,000 Jews were held before being deported to extermination camps, mainly to Auschwitz, during World War II.

The event, the first of its kind since the Drancy memorial opened last September, was attended by Interior Minister Manuel Valls who said it "shows that dialogue, tolerance and the understanding of other religions is indispensable in fighting against anti-Semitism and fanaticism."


Eliyahu m'Tsiyon said...

I saw a film of part of this event on France24. Most of the imams were not Arab or Berber but Black. So the Arab imams are holding back from events aiming at understanding Jews and reconciling with them.

Anonymous said...

ghtsnswo The French left from Dancy to the concentration camps and the Belgians from Malin.(25,000) Now they built a Museum!
First they kill us then they build momuments !!!