Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Why one-sided 'coexistence' is doomed to fail

 One-sided coexistence initiatives, educating the Israeli but not the Arab side for peace, are based on nonsense, false analogies, misinformation, propaganda and naivete, declares Seth Frantzman in this hard-hitting opinion piece in the Jerusalem Post.

  A similar story was related by Douglas Alexander, the British Shadow Foreign Secretary for Labor in the UK. He writes about visiting the Eshkol regional council bordering the Gaza Strip and meeting a Jewish teacher who educates for coexistence.

“She told me that her job was to teach [Jewish] children the curriculum, but she felt impelled to try and teach them something else...her ambition was that no child leave her classroom believing that the Palestinian children on the other side of the border were the enemy.”

 See, these Israeli children get the wrong idea from the missiles that fall on their kibbutzim – they feel Gaza is a place that breeds hatred and murder. But in fact, as the Israeli coexistence-monger wants to show, those on the other side are not enemies.

Many coexistence programs are predicated on a remarkably similar pattern. Some Israeli with a rose-colored view of the “other” decides to work on their own initiative, and sometimes with financial backing, to spread the word that the Palestinians are not the enemy.

Since most Israelis supposedly don’t meet Palestinians, the Israeli coexistence-expert must tell them the story of the “real Palestinians.” Even though the Israelis who preach coexistence may themselves never meet the Palestinians, they see themselves as the medium, communicating to the Israelis for the Arabs, because they “know the real Arab soul.”

In some cases, as with the Abraham Fund’s program Language as a Cultural Bridge, Arab teachers are brought to Jewish schools to teach Jewish students Arabic. The pattern is frequently the same; Jewish students learn about Arabs, there is rarely an attempt to have them go to an Arab school or have Arabs learn about Jews.

Behind this phenomenon lies the assumption that Arabs are not in need of coexistence messages. Sister Renee Sousa, head of a Catholic School in Kafr Kanna, told Pacific Standard Magazine, “our [Arab] students understand the language and culture of the Jews, but it’s not vice-versa.”

The reason the coexistence embodied by the actions of the teacher in the Eshkol regional council or Parents Circle doesn’t materialize is simple: it is based on nonsense, false analogies, misinformation, propaganda and naivete.

While Israeli children in the Eshkol Regional Council learn that Palestinian children “are not the enemy,” Palestinian children across the border in Gaza are raised on a program of intense nationalism, devotion to the “struggle” and to their religion.

There is a reason Parent’s Circle gives lectures “mainly” to Israelis – the Palestinians who participate evidently don’t take back the lessons they claim to learn at the meetings to their villages. For coexistence groups there are no lectures to Palestinian high school students about accepting the other. Damelin (a Parent's Circle activist) wants to visit the man who killed her son in prison, fine. But there is no Palestinian Damelin who desires to visit the Israeli who shot their cousin.

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Anonymous said...

Never ending story
let me tell you an Iraeli joke
God asks Abraham
"where would you like to settle the Jews"
Abe who stutters replied
Ca ca ca
Oh i see God answers
"You want to settle in Canaan"
In fact Abe wanted to say Canada

Jesterhead45 said...

I honestly cannot take the notion of this one-sided 'coexistence' seriously.

Whether the false one-sided historical idea of 'coexistence' that Jews and other non-muslims had it good under islam from the "golden age" that never happened to before the era of colonialism (when its the other way around), a period of oppression that the sell-outs among the free/freed non-muslim peoples want to return us all to on a global scale.

Or today's one-sided 'coexistence' that basically entails being fed false or distorted history whilst being encouraged to embrace their inner fear / hatred of the familiar and forsaking of their own heritage by no longer remaining Jewish or non-muslim, which is where this false one-sided and malicious 'coexistence' inevitably leads to.

Empress Trudy said...

We shouldn't pay any attention in the least to what the Arabs say think or say. Because every single world of it is lying hate speech. Jews who play into that are fools or worse, collaborators.

Anonymous said...

tut tut tut my Empress!!!
And yet one day this collaboration will have to take place.The Arabs cannot push us into the sea, nor can Israel push the Palestinians into the sea.