Friday, October 26, 2012

Refugee round-up: published articles

 Yemeni Jews board a plane to Israel on Operation Magic Carpet (1949). From the American Joint Distribution archives (with thanks: Michelle Malca)

This last month has seen an unprecedented number of articles on the question of Jewish refugees from Arab countries. Here are some I missed earlier:

'Forgotten Refugees' by Leo Rennert in the American Thinker
'Levellling the refugee playing field' by Gila Gamliel in Israel Hayom 
'Who isn't a refugee?' by Jerold Auerbach in the Algemeiner
'Victimhood as foreign policy' by Gidon Ben-Zvi in the Algemeiner
'Jewish refugees want justice just like Palestinians, some say it's a ploy' by Michele Chabin in USA Today 
 'Israel wants to tie peace with Palestinians to reparations for Middle Eastern Jews who fled to Israel'
 in PRI News 
Fact Sheet: Jewish refugees from Arab countries (September 2012)

*Point of No Return has highlighted the following articles:
Lucette Lagnado in the Wall St Journal, Christa Case Bryant in the Christian Science Monitor,
Elizabeth Blade in Israel Hayom

*Haaretz has published the most articles on this topic, both pro- and anti-:
Zvi Gabay (Hebrew)
Adi Schwartz
Esther Meir-Glitzenstein
Jerrold Nadler
Alan Dershowitz

Dimitry Shumsky rebutted here
Oudeh Basharat  rebutted here 
 Rachel Shabi rebutted here
Gideon Levy

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