Sunday, August 12, 2012

Libyan activist linked with Jew re-arrested

Raphael Luzon in Benghazi

More proof that the new Libya is not a hospitable place for Jews or anyone who consorts with them, as a civil and women's rights activist is arrested. Here is a rough summary of an item in Press Solidarity (with thanks: Andrew):

The president of a civil rights organisation in Libya has been arrested a second time. Majdoline Zachary was first arrested and then released when she accompanied Raphael Luzon, a Libyan Jewish leader, on a visit to his home town of Benghazi in Libya three weeks ago.

Zachary was arrested as she delivered a lecture called
"The eligibility of women in the writing of the Constitution," under the auspices of "DAC" , the British Embassy and the Danish Church.

According to a security source, Majdoline Zachary was arrested by the Preventative Security Service with Raphael Luzon. She was released the same day, after completing the filming of a documentary in Benghazi about women's freedom in Libya.

Read article in full (Arabic)

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