Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Toulouse memorial service held in Casablanca

Three faiths came together in the Casablanca synagogue a few days ago to remember the jihadist murders of three children and a rabbi in Toulouse. In this video from Dafina, A representative of the king pays homage to the eminent family of Miriam Monsenego z'l, the grand-daughter of a chief rabbi of Morocco.

Now that Morocco has experienced its homegrown murderous violence and threats of violence against Jews, the community leader Serge Berdugo's praise of Morocco's traditional tolerance, however, seems a touch ironical.


Sylvia said...

Mofaz has apparently just defeated Livni for the Kadima leadership by a landslide (count not complete yet).

This also means that he is a candidate for Prime Minister. A game changer?

Anonymous said...

It is good to see that the three religions united following the shameful and atrocious killings of Toulouse.
One may criticise Sakozy, but he came out and spoke loud and clear against the perpetrator of these crimes (I personally think the killer was not alone)
Let us all unite against racism and its outcome
sultana latifa