Monday, March 26, 2012

74-year-old Fez Jew beaten to death with hammer

Israeli flag being burned in Land Day protests in Morocco

Update: the victim has been identified as Benjamin Serrero. His killer - Debka claims he was shouting Allah Hu akbar - escaped and is being hunted by police. An autopsy and investigation have been ordered by the Fez authorities.

'Arab Spring' anti-Jewish incitement in Morocco claims its first victim: An elderly Jewish man was murdered by an unknown attacker with a hammer today in the city of Fez, Israel National News has reported.

The 74-year-old victim, whose name has not yet been released, worked in property management for rentals owned by other Jews.

According to reports in Moroccan media, the elderly victim was seen being hit repeatedly by a man wielding a hammer.

The murderer fled the scene. Police are investigating to determine whether the attack was nationalist or criminal in nature.

Critically injured, he died as he was being rushed to King Hassan II University Hospital.

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Anonymous said...

that's a terrible story. Jews, please please please do not go there as tourists.
suzy vidal

Anonymous said...

Neither Jews , Christians , Hindus, Buddhists , atheists, the list goes on no one except Muslim scum should visit these places ... They are digging there own graveyard .. No one is vacationing in these country's whos 40% GDP is from tourism alone ... Then when the times are tough they will commit crimes against eachother then they will flee to Europe or Australia or Canada or the US... There own ARAB/muslim countries dont even want them

Anonymous said...

For the safety of ALL other peoples, Muslims should be banned from immigrating west. Look what they are doing to the Jews in France! The Netherlands! It is disgusting. Islam is the Black Death of our time.

Adam Neira said...

Israeli Flag Burned, Diplomat Rushed Out of Morocco (Arutz Sheva)

The King and his advisors must get their boots on and accelerate economic development. The Maghreb area benefits from a stable Morocco. He must be proactive and not let things simmer. The evil hammer attack on the 74 y.o. Jewish man yesterday in Fez is hopefully not a portent of greater doom for the Jews there and thus the rest of the population. Take note...King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia when in hospital in Paris last year was advised correctly to boost social spending...$385 Billion/5 years.

Anonymous said...

If punishment does not follow this horrendous killing, then those who want to beat up and eventually "bouffer du juif" will go on !
I wonder how human beings can do this to another human being!But how can we be surprised when we know what the Nazis did to us?