Friday, November 11, 2011

"The Jews" are coming to claim back the Pyramids!

From the truth-is-stranger-than fiction department, a new low in Egyptian delusional paranoia: "the Jews" are coming to claim back the Pyramids. Well why not? We built them - didn't we? From Israel today:

Egypt's Supreme Council of Antiquities decided at the last minute on Friday to cancel a New Age ceremony scheduled to take place at the Giza pyramids in Cairo.

The reason: fear that "the Jews" were going to use the event to claim sovereignty over the pyramids.

A Polish numerologist group said the date November 11, 2011, or 11-11-11, was an appropriate date to gather at the pyramids and enhance their power to protect the world from "cosmic forces."

Claiming that the world will soon come under assault by external powers, the group obtained permission from Egyptian authorities to hold a ceremony at the Great Pyramid and place a protective crystal inside.

But there was an uproar in Egypt following claims that among the New Age group would be 1,200 "Jewish Masons" who intended to cap the Great Pyramid with a Star of David.

Egyptian antiquities officials said that Jewish Masons have been trying to cap the Great Pyramid for nearly a century in order to highlight the claim that the ancient structure was built by Jewish slaves prior to the biblical Exodus.

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Juniper in the Desert said...

The mozlems of Egypt have never really approved of the pyramids, as they are pagan. Saladin, when he came there during the Crusades, attempted to demolish some of them, but did not get very far. However it was he and his mob who broke the tops off them.

Sammish said...

Speaking about breaking up the tops off of ancient buildings...

It has always been suggested that it was Napoleon Bonaparte in his Egyptian expedition of 1798 and his artillery brigades that shot the nose and ears of the famous Sphinx in the Giza plateau. This is a big lie. This myth emerged no early than 1900's.

Louis Farrakhan (supreme leader of the Black Muslims group of America) being an Afrocentric to the core (without mentioning anti-semite) has always demonize Napoleon, suggesting that the French leader and his scientists were racists and that they could not expect the idea of an non-european and a non-white Egyptian civilization (which Farrakhan always depictes as black civilization). Farrakhan suggests that Napoleon did not want the world to know the negroid feature of the Sphinx, thus decided to take away the nose by ordering his artillery men to target practice the nose of the Sphinx. How ridiculous... Napoleon went to Egypt with 300 hundred scientists and engineers to rediscover and study the civilizations of the middle East.

Granted, he was a mad-general hoping to usher a French empire worthy of Charlemagne, there were no evidence that he was the perpetrator in the defacement of the Sphinx. In fact, countless historical accounts of much early European travelers describe the Sphinx, as halfly buried in sand whose enormous figure showed a noseless head. How can such lies be perpetuated. Well, Napoleon was not well liked in Europe much less liked within the Othoman empire realms. Guess who spread the rumors?

Anyway, it was in the 1980's, that a German historian (cannot recall the name) publish a study based on his Islamic manuscript research in Istambul Turkey, which reveal the truth about the vandilzed and noseless Sphinx. According the manuscript authors the Sphinx suffered his fate in the 14th Century AD by a fanatical Muslim sect based in Cairo. This sect wanted to detroy idols and purify the land.... They have tried to chip away at the Phinx but they did not have the force and the means to do so. Only the nose and parts of the ears came ofd.

I found that not to be a surprise... I can remember just recently the priceless and beautiful Bamyan statue of Buddha in Eastern Afghanistan being blown up to pieces by the Talibans....

Modern Egyptians need not to worry about ancient Hebrews or their grandchildrens reversing their exodus path from the promise land towards the Sinai peninsula, then walking on dry river beds only to reach Giza plateau and take away the Pyramids. No way...They simply would not accept being second class citizens again. One exodus is enough.

bataween said...

Your story reminds me of Petra: the famous Treasury building is riddled with bullet holes because the Bedouin Arabs were convinced that the urns at the top of the building housed a hidden treasure and took pots shots at it. So much for preserving priceless antiquities.

Sammish said...

I have to say this, the truth is that Islam is a predatory religion. It survives on predation and therefore destruction. It cannot add anything to humanity and progress. It not only preys on physical monuments and priceless treasures bu also the minds of its own adherents... no wonder muslim on muslim violence is widespread.... Syria, shiite vs. Sunni, and all the sectarian group violence.

Maimonides the great was right all along when he labelled the creator of this religion as a madman.... madness is what defines Islam

Anonymous said...

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