Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Ashkenazi convert to Islam represented Pakistan

(With thanks: Martin Kramer)

From the Muslim world comes this unusual story of an Ashkenazi Jew who converted to Islam, and was to have an important role to play in the establishment of Pakistan. To those Muslims who still remember Leopold Weiss's legacy (as Muhamed Asad, he wrote several books, helped draft the Pakistani constitution, and represented Pakistan at the UN) he was the perfect Jew - the type who has seen the light of Islam's superiority - unlike those pesky Israeli Jews who insist on barricading themselves behind a wall from the rest of the Muslim world.

This documentary film about Leopold Weiss/ Muhamad Asad by Al Jazeera is worth watching if only for the moment when a Beduin Arab, complaining that Israel won't allow him to roam freely, falls off his camel.

Update: the documentary 'A road to Mecca' seems to have been taken off Youtube. You will have to be content with this trailer (sorry, no camel):


Juniper in the Desert said...

Hahahaha!! Camel's revenge!! :D

Anonymous said...

the video was suppressed!!!