Friday, September 09, 2011

Israel 'must prepare for massive influx of Turkish Jews'

Bodrum, Turkey (Photo: Israel National News)

Many of the 20,000 Jews living in Turkey are considering moving to Israel, and Knesset Member Danny Danon said this week that Israel must prepare for massive aliyah of Turkish Jews. Israel National News has the story:

MK Danon, chairman of the Knesset Immigration and Absorption committee, has asked the Jewish Agency and the Foreign and Immigration ministries to prepare the groundwork for a massive aliyah of Turkish Jews.

“Turkey is working to harm Israel, and we have to be prepared for a further deterioration in relations that can be negative for Turkish Jews,” he said. “We must open up a support line to them to enhance their Aliyah."

Avraham Lego, head of an organization of Turkish Jewish expatriates living in Israel said, told Arutz Sheva, “I have contacts with friends from my childhood, and they have difficulty with the deterioration in relations between Turkey and Israel. They are Turkish, but they feel very close to Israel.”

He added that the Jewish community is not in any danger. “Most of the Jews there are businessmen, merchants, accountants and lawyers," he explained. "There is more nationalism among Turks, but the relations between the man on the street and the Jewish community are fine.

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SnoopyTheGoon said...

There are two question marks at least in this story: first of all, MK Danny Danon - not a very serious reference, to use an understatement.

Then the Turkish Jews: as Jews anywhere, most of us tend to underestimate the danger where is one. Unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

maybe out of context but I needed to say this:
Was I right ? Place no faith in Arabs. see what they did to the Israeli embassy in Cairo?
suzy vidal
former refugee from