Thursday, August 18, 2011

UNESCO admits error calling Maimonides a Muslim

It can pay to challenge the rewriting of Jewish history. UNESCO has admitted that it made an error when a 2006 report described Maimonides as a Muslim scholar, Mussa ibn Maimun. But as the inestimable Elder of Ziyon says, UNESCO has stopped short of an apology, and continues to be complicit in the Muslim appropriation of Jewish identity and holy sites. Read Elder's blog post:

I reported last month that a UNESCO document has put Maimonides in a recent list of Muslim scholars published in December 2010.

The Algemeiner contacted UNESCO about this:

When contacted directly by the Algemeiner for comment a UNESCO spokesperson replied, “UNESCO acknowledges that there was indeed an important and regrettable error in the chapter devoted to Arab States in the UNESCO Science Report published in 2006, which refers to Maimonides as a Muslim scholar,” they said. “Despite the vigile [sic] of our editors, errors unfortunately do occasionally occur.”

The representative declined to comment further.
That's not quite an apology.

While the acknowledgement is welcome, in the context of UNESCO declaring Rachel's Tomb to be a "historic mosque" - a provable lie - and other anti-Israel biased statements it has made recently, one wonders if a mistake like this is more than just a mistake.

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