Tuesday, August 09, 2011

Fear of war drives out Jews from northern Yemen

Jews still in Sana'a show no sign of moving yet

It's the beginning of the end for the Jews of the strife-torn northern Yemen province of Amram. (The 70 Jews still in the capital, Sana'a, are showing no sign of moving yet). The Yemen Post is reporting the exodus of dozens of Jews. Their destination is unknown: could it be New York? London? Israel?

Yemeni Jews have started to leave Yemen fearing that the clashes in the country are becoming non-stop and could soon affect them.

Sources within the Jewish community in the northern Amran province confirmed that seven Yemeni Jews have already left the country two days ago, while eight more will follow before the end of the week.

Jews in Yemen complain that clashes are growing and they fear they could be a target in a lawless state.

In 2009, and after an attack against a Jewish Yemeni citizen, President Saleh ordered that Jews in Yemen be given extra security and some were offered free accomodation in the capital Sana’a. Though the government has been very cautious in dealing with the Jewish minority in Yemen, tens of Jews left the country over the last two years.

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UK Government has not granted permission to Yemeni Jews to settle in Britain (Jewish Chronicle)

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leave now before it's too late
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